Emmerdale spoilers: Meena Jutla in court! Will she plead guilty to her 25 crimes?

Airs Thursday 17th March 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s serial killer, Meena Jutla, takes the stand in Thursday’s hour-long episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

A huge moment is upon Meena Jutla who has to decide if she’s going to confess to all those killings after all.

So far, the twisted serial killer has led everyone a merry dance when it comes to confessing. When the police aren’t in earshot, she’s revelled in admitting to various people that she’s taken the lives of her school friend Nadine, Liam’s teen daughter Leanna, Andrea Tate, and Ben Tucker.

Meena threw Leanna Cavanagh off a bridge

Andrea Tate was hunted down and attacked by Meena who left her to die in a burning maze.

Of course, there’s a whole other raft of crimes for Meena to answer to: from attempting to murder Manpreet, Vinny, Victoria, Billy, and Dawn not to mention theft, kidnap, and tons more. 25 counts to be exact.

Meena kidnapped Vinny Dingle and tried to kill him.

On Dawn and Billy’s wedding day, Meena took them pair hostage and drew a gun on the newlyweds.

Victoria escaped a near drowning at the hands of Meena Jutla.

Expecting a large turnout for her ‘moment of glory’, Meena’s ego is dented by the meagre turn out in court.

Sitting up in the gallery, Liam and Leyla and Manpreet and Charles watch on.

Grieving dad Liam watches on with wife Leyla by his side.

Charles sits with Manpreet who’s in a state over her sister Meena’s hearing.

As Meena pleads guilty to the first charge, will the do the same for the rest?

Later, as Manpreet reflects on what happened in the courtroom and what lies ahead, she suffers a serious panic attack. The GP then disappears off in the car before abandoning it and heading into the darkness on foot without her phone…

Elsewhere, Rhona realises she’s accidentally convinced her mum Mary to stay on in the village!

Rhona has a chat with her mum Mary who’s recently turned up in Emmerdale.

… Mary decides to stick around.

Later, Mary has a chat with Marlon who then resolves that he’s going to propose to Rhona! When will he pop the question?

Also, Billy’s given some fatherly advice.

Married man Billy is given some fatherly advice by a local dad.