Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon makes heartwarming progress as he teaches Kit to cook

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and physiotherapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson) clashed in tonight’s Emmerdale.

Kit has been paying Marlon visits ever since he returned from hospital after his stroke.

For Marlon, he has sometimes struggled to embrace Kit’s recovery ideas and initially thought painting was a terrible way to improve his motor skills.

Tonight, Kit returned with some parallel bars, telling Marlon today will be the day he stands on his own again.

However, Marlon wasn’t quite strong enough to completely stand on his own, and felt Kit was pushing him too hard.

Calling him a sadist, Marlon told Kit to get out.

Fortunately, thanks to experience, Kit knew he just needed to give Marlon some space and hung around in the village.

Back at home, Marlon opened up to Rhona (Zoe Henry) and feared he wasn’t making any progress.

Overhearing the conversation was Mary (Louise Jameson), who soon had an idea.

After popping to the shop, Mary arrived to see Marlon with Kit in tow.

Kit explained that he was only pushing Marlon as he would hate to see him give up his recovery and regret it later down the line.

Mary told Marlon that in order to help him enjoy his recovery a bit more, they will alter his plan to create activities that fit him better.

And what does Marlon love doing?


Kit – someone who set his house on fire after completely evaporating a pan of water – told Marlon he would learn how to cook from him, using skills like chopping tomatoes to improve his motor and cognitive function.

Marlon decided Kit and Mary’s idea was a good one and later, we learnt Kit cried like a baby while trying to cut onions – but the ratatouille was a great success.