Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon Dingle returns home from hospital!

Marlon Dingle returns home from hospital following his stroke.

Airs Monday 25 April 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle is back in Monday’s episode

At Smithy Cottage, excitement is high as Marlon’s due home!

As April puts up decorations to welcome her dad, Rhona braces herself for the changes ahead.

Though her mum Mary reassures her exhausted daughter she’s there to help her with Marlon’s care and with running the busy family home is Rhona taking on too much?

In hospital, Marlon bids an emotional goodbye to the nursing staff who’ve looked after him since his stroke.

Later, Marlon arrives in the village, with the help of a paramedic. Chas and Cain watch on, delighted to see their cousin is home at last.

Paramedics deliver Marlon home to the village.

Siblings Chas and Cain Dingle watch on as their cousin arrives home.

Will the family manage to navigate a new normal?

At the HOP, Kim’s hopping mad when she arrives to find her staff picketing about zero-hours contracts!

It’s not a good look and Kim wants Jai to sort it out immediately.

At the HOP, Kim’s staff are picketing over the planned introduction of zero hours contracts.

As she orders Jai to get the employees back to their work stations, Kim’s stunned by his reaction…

Kim insists Jai shuts down the strike… or else!

A jokey conversation between Kerry and Amelia could signal trouble ahead.

The usually sunny teen isn’t impressed when Kerry laughs about the amount of filters Amelia uses on her photos.

Is Amelia OK?

Teenage Amelia doesn’t take kindly to Kerry’s comments about using filters on photos.