Emmerdale spoilers March 11th: Dawn and Billy Fletcher are in for a shock as they return from honeymoon

Billy and Dawn Fletcher return to the village from their honeymoon

Airs Friday 11th March 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s newlyweds return in the wake of their horror-show wedding in Friday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Billy and Dawn Fletcher always knew there was a risk Meena Jutla would show up on their big day.

Just days before their wedding they feared she’d broken into Woodbine and savaged Dawn’s bridal gown.

Seeing as she was on the run in the wake of a string of murder allegations, they hoped they were just being paranoid.

Just days before Dawn’s wedding her dress was ruined by Meena

But the pair soon learned, to their horror, that Billy’s scorned unhinged ex had come back, unable to resist the chance to return and wreak havoc.

Despite being on the run in the wake of a string of crimes and allegations, Meena returned to the village to ruin her ex, Billy’s big day and to take revenge on the couple.

After a tender ceremony in church, gun-toting Meena pounced on Dawn and Billy.

Hijacking the pair, who were headed to Home Farm for the reception, Meena posed as their chauffeur, took them hostage, threatened to kill them and shot Leyla!

On Billy and Dawn’s wedding day, Meena drew a gun on the couple and later shot Leyla

Dawn and Billy were told they had to choose which of them would take a bullet from Meena’s gun

It was furious Liam who managed to stop Meena, who was shoved off the top of the same bridge where the nurse killed his daughter Leanna.

Past crimes: Meena threw Leanna Cavanagh off a bridge to her death.

With Meena’s plea hearing taking place next week will the murderer admit her guilt or is the couple going to have to dredge up all that happened in court at trial?

Elsewhere, Jai struggles with his ego, and there’s frustration for Rhona.