Emmerdale spoilers March 10th: Charity Dingle and Chas have a huge FOOD FIGHT!

Charity Dingle has a messy, bitter fight with rival Chas!

Airs Thursday 10th March 2022 on ITV at 7.30pm.

Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle is humiliated in Thursday’s hour-long episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

It’s the big day for the Dingles – and for the rivalry that’s raging between cousins Charity and Chas Dingle…

As new pub landlady, Charity, gears up to show the villagers how she her son Ryan have saved the Woolpack from the brink, following Al’s sabotage, its former owner, Chas, prepares to throw a family do knowing it will spoil Charity’s moment.

Charity Dingle’s re-opening of The Woolpack is a flop!

At the B&B, everything is getting set for Liv and Vinny’s wedding reception and at the pub, Mackenzie and Marlon are sorting out the last details.

But things start to fall apart at both venues as Marlon learns the pub’s food delivery hasn’t arrived and at the B&B Lydia learns there’s been an infestation of rats!

Are the probs legit – or evidence of the bitter rivals’ foul play?

As Lydia decamps the wedding party to the village hall, Charity fumes over her poor turn out at the Woolpack and storms over to have it out with Chas…

But as a row kicks off, who sneakily turns on the water sprinklers to dampen down their war?

Then, as the pair take their fight outside, Liv, Vinny and their guests watch on as Chas and Charity have a major face-off and an all-out food fight erupts!

Is there any coming back from this?

Charity Dingle blames Chas for the poor turn-out at the Woolie

and soon things get messy as the cousins let rip!

Newlyweds Liv and and Vinny and their guests watch on as Chas and Charity have a full-scale food fight!