Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet is stunned as she discovers Ethan’s secret

More secrets are revealed (Pictures: ITV)

When Charles (Kevin Mathurin) recently met with his daughter Naomi (Karene Peter) in Emmerdale, things didn’t exactly go well.

Naomi was born after Charles and her mother Esme had split up, with Esme giving Naomi up for adoption soon afterwards. Karene Peter told us that, ‘Esme relays to Naomi that Charles didn’t want anything to do with her after finding out about her. So that’s informed Naomi’s initial impression of her biological dad, which isn’t a great one.’

When Charles tracked Naomi down and found her working in a bar, it soon became clear that Naomi wasn’t going to make it easy for her father to get to know her.

When Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) found out that Charles had gone looking for Naomi she was concerned that he could be heading for heartbreak if he was still determined to have a relationship with his daughter.

In upcoming episodes she’s disturbed when she overhears Marcus (Darcy Grey) talking on the phone and he lets slip that Ethan (Emile John) has gone to meet up with Naomi.

Marcus doesn’t know that Manpreet has heard what he’s said – but how will she react? And does Charles know?