Emmerdale spoilers: Kim wedding drama for strained Lydia

Lydia’s feeling the pressure! (Picture: ITV)

Anyone tasked with planning the wedding of the decade by Emmerdale’s super-scary Kim Tate (Claire King) would have a difficult job fulfilling the brief.

Lydia (Karen Blick) agreed to take on the unenviable challenge after Kim fired Take A Vow, the Dales’ premier wedding planners, after Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) seemed less than across all the details. Leyla’s behaviour has been increasingly disrupted by her cocaine abuse and her efforts to conceal it, and while Kim doesn’t know that Leyla is a drug addict, she certainly knows a less than efficient wedding planner when she sees one.

So she gave the job to Lydia, for reasons best known to herself. We know that Lydia is excellent at cleaning, but her previous wedding planning experience seems to amount to being ready to supply copious amounts of potato salad to any buffet table that may or may not need it.

To Kim, perhaps, Lydia’s chief qualities as a wedding planner were that she’s (a) reliable and (b) not Leyla.

But as we could perhaps have predicted, the pressure of trying to incorporate Kim’s every whim into the preparations for the wedding all gets a bit much for poor Lydia and she resigns from her role.

Will Lydia’s loss prove to be Leyla’s gain as the wedding is once again entrusted to her?