Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate faces her ultimate humiliation!

Kim Tate feels humiliated at the HOP.

Airs Tuesday 26 April 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Kim Tate is brought down a peg or two in Tuesday’s episode.

Most people wouldn’t give two hoots about having to pitch in at work but Kim Tate thinks she’s above all that.

But with her workforce striking over the planned introduction of zero-hours contracts, Kim’s got no staff.

At the HOP, she’s forced roll up her sleeves and wait tables. And to her utter humiliation, she finds herself serving an old friend of hers who’s popped in for coffee!

Kim’s humiliated to have to serve an old friend of hers a coffee.

Fuming, Kim wants the problem sorted.

When Laurel and Jai team up and present their idea to Kim, arguing against the use of zero hours contracts, what will Kim say?

Jai and Laurel team up to pitch their idea to Kim, a case against the use of zero hours contracts.

Later, proud of Jai’s handling of the situation, excited Laurel pops over to Holdgate where she tells Jai she wants them to get back together properly.

It’s all Jai’s wanted for weeks!

Jai and Laurel are officially back on!

At Smithy everyone’s getting used to having Marlon home.

As April enjoys spending some time with her beloved dad, she happily helps him to a drink of water.

April helps her paralysed dad Marlon drink some water.

But the sweet moment turns into a horrifying scenario when Marlon starts choking!

Terrified, April shouts for Rhona who swiftly clears Marlon’s airways.

April panics when Marlon starts choking on his drink…

It’s a humiliating ordeal for the dad who’s convinced he’s best off back in hospital while April – who feared her dad was having another stroke – decides she wants to be anywhere else but at home.