Emmerdale spoilers: Kerry Wyatt sends Al packing! Can he talk her round?

Kerry wants love-cheat Al to pack his stuff and get out.

Airs Friday 22 April 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt kicks out Al in Friday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kerry is livid with Al who’s gone and kissed his ex, Priya, behind her back.

Not about to stand for any kind of infidelity or lies, the feisty beautician wants Al to get his stuff and get out of Keeper’s where she lives with her daughter Amy and little Kyle.

Can Al worm his way back into Kerry’s good graces?

And will he take revenge on Cain for making sure Kerry found out about his regrettable slip-up?

Priya and Al kissed but swore to keep their slip-up a secret.

At Smithy everything’s changed – and it’s all about to change again.

With Marlon in hospital recovering from his stroke – which has left him partially paralysed and struggling with his speech – Rhona’s keeping the home fires burning, and looking after their kids in between visits to his bedside.

Marlon had a stroke on his birthday and is in hospital recovering.

Having had an argument with her mum Mary about how much more she can cope with, exhausted Rhona’s on pins as she waits to hear if Marlon’s going to be discharged.

Is the dad ready to come home? And can the family cope with the huge adjustments they’re going to have to make to aid Marlon’s recovery?

Rhona’s exhausted with all that she’s got on her plate.

A horrible situation blows up for Jai who’s got his job back with Kim. But his re-appointment at the HOP has come at a cost.

Ruthless Kim wants him to fire all of the part-time workers and re-hire them on zero-hours contracts. If Jai does, he’ll get a promotion, if he doesn’t he’s got no job.

Will Jai betray his friends and do Kim’s dirty work or will he stand up for their rights?

Ruthless Kim wants Jai to do her dirty work at the HOP.