Emmerdale spoilers: Jai Sharma BLAMED when DRUGS are found at Take A Vow!

Jai reels when drugs are found and both Laurel and Priya blame him.

Airs Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma reckons he’s been framed in Wednesday’s episode

Jai couldn’t be any happier.

He’s back with Laurel and he’s working again. His life is finally back on track!

At Take A Vow, where his sister Priya works, he’s helping out when his boss Kim arrives, instantly souring the mood.

She’s furious about the zero hours contracts fiasco and after giving Jai a mouthful, she throws his coat on the floor in disgust and storms out!

Kim wanted Jai to get her workforce to sign zero hours contracts and is furious that he didn’t comply.

Needing a coffee following Kim’s outburst, Jai takes Laurel to the cafe only to realise his wallet is missing.

Presuming it’s been left at Take A Vow, the couple return and start searching.

To Jai’s horror his wallet is found, stuffed down the back of a chair, with a bag of drugs close by!

Laurel wants to know why there’s a bag of drugs next to Jai’s wallet. He reckons Kim’s planted them but Laurel’s had enough of Jai’s ‘lies’…

When Laurel demands an explanation and her recovering addict boyfriend struggles to find the words, she takes his reaction as a sign of guilt and decides Jai’s using again.

Jai reckons Kim’s framed him out of spite but exasperated Laurel, and his sister Priya, have heard it all before…

So who’s right? Who owns the drugs?

Elsewhere, Rhona tries to mediate between Marlon and April. The father and daughter fare much better when they’re left alone to talk.

As an emotional conversation unfolds, can April persuade her poorly dad he’s not a burden? Will humiliated Marlon agree to stay on at home rather than return to hospital?

Marlon choked when April tried to help him take a drink. The pair are now terrified of each other.

It’s moving in day for Ethan and Marcus whose relationship is moving at breakneck speed.

It’s moving in day for Marcus and Ethan.

Can stressed-out Ethan stop his dad Charles from winding up Marcus?

Ethan tells Charles to stop trying to wind up Marcus. Will the dad lay off?