Emmerdale spoilers: Huge twist revealed as Jamie paid Mike to fake DNA

It was an emotional time for Kim Tate (Claire King) in Emmerdale tonight as she attempted to, once again, come to terms with the fact her son Jamie may still be alive.

Last night, after realising Will (Dean Andrews) had stolen money from the company account, Kim gave him no choice but to confess the truth.

The news her son may actually be alive was such a shock for Kim she left Home Farm and tonight, she returned.

As well as attempting to deal with this twist, Kim also had to listen to Will’s reasoning for going behind her back.

Will pointed out he was being shifty and secretive as he really didn’t want to hurt Kim, but when she also learnt he never told her about being shot by Gabby (Rosie Bentham), the trust between the couple had firmly been destroyed.

As Kim broke the news to Will the wedding is off as she can’t trust him, we saw dodgy Mike – the person Will hired to find Jamie – in the car.

It became apparent Mike was on the phone to Jamie, who paid the criminal to provide Will with a fake DNA test.

The DNA test Will received showed baby Thomas’ DNA didn’t match Jamie’s but, as we know now, the man on the DNA results was not Kim’s son.

Mike warned Jamie that if he feels the need to mention his name – he will regret it – does this mean we will see him again?

Or has tonight’s episode firmly marked the end of this storyline?