Emmerdale spoilers: Hen do HORROR for bride-to-be Dawn Taylor…

Dawn Taylor finds her wedding dress has been savaged!

Airs Thursday 10th February 2022 at 7.00pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Dawn Taylor is going to need another wedding dress in the first of Thursdays episodes.

With her big day looming large, Dawn Taylor is terrified. She can’t believe she’s going to get to marry Billy Fletcher, the devoted man of her dreams.

Moreover, Dawn’s not used to things going right and as such is convinced everything will go wrong.

Over a glass of fizz, Harriet tries to dispel the single mum’s suspicions. As Dawn tries on her wedding gown, Harriet gets all choked up with happy tears.

Harriet is all choked up when Dawn tries on her wedding dress.

After the pair head off to the Hide for Dawn’s hen do, the lock rattles in the back door of the empty house… Who’s trying to get in?

At Home Farm, Marlon throws Billy an underwhelming stag do…

Dawn’s hen do isn’t exactly raucous either… but will gate-crasher Mandy spice things up?

Party-goer Vanessa tries to make the peace with Dawn, apologising for what’s been going on at work.

Realising she’s left her phone at home, Dawn then slips out to retrieve it, only to be met by a shocking sight…

Someone’s broken into her house and totally trashed her wedding dress!

Is the intruder still lurking?

Dawn finds someone has broken in to her home and savaged her gown.

Cain Dingle is puzzled when he overhears his son Kyle asking Vinny to buy him a top-up card.

When he asks the little lad why in the world he needs one, Cain reels when Kyle reveals Al’s given him a mobile phone!

Al has been angling to get a rise out of his enemy Cain – but is he about to get a pasting, too?

At the Dingles’ place, Samson tells Vinny how he sorted out Amelia’s makeover at the salon and announces he’s going to be working there.

Samson tells Vinny he’s going to helping out at the salon.
Vinny’s saddened by Sam’s negative reaction to his son Samson’s news

Why’s Samson’s dad Sam so anti the idea?