Emmerdale spoilers: Has Meena Jutla finally been caught?

Has Meena Jutla, the 'Emmerdale' serial killer, finally been caught?

Airs Wednesday 16th February 2022 at 7.00pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s in shock over Meena Jutla’s gunfire in Wednesday’s episode (ITV, 7.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

In the wake of Meena Jutla’s rampage on Billy and Dawn’s dramatic wedding day – during which shots were fired and lives left hanging in the balance – Emmerdale is a village in shock.

Billy and Dawn had just tied the knot when Meena Jutla pounced on them and drew a gun!

Lives were left hanging in the balance as serial murderer Meena Jutla went on the rampage.

Can those affected ever recover from the trauma the serial killer has inflicted?

And has Meena’s killing spree finally come to an end? Has she been killed herself? Caught? Taken her own life?

As the villagers take stock, they wonder if they’ll ever get over the horror of what Meena has done all this time under their very noses.

Back at Butler’s, Chas has climbed in through the window and is trying to get through to her brother Cain.

Chas has words with her brother Cain

Will her lecture work? Can she get Cain to open up and address what happened during his angry outburst witnessed by his terrified son, Kyle?

Will the devoted Dingle dad ever get his son back under his roof and resume co-parenting with Kyle’s mum Amy?

Will Cain open up about his anger issues and address them?

Cain’s son Kyle ran away in terror after one of his dad’s outbursts and is refusing to return to Butler

Over at Mill, Liv’s reeling in shame having jumped to the conclusion that Vinny was about to propose to her. She’s absolutely mortified by her mistake and legs it back to work at the Hide.

As Vinny reflects on his romantic surprise, which has gone spectacularly wrong, will he find a way to get their romance happily back on track?

Liv legs it in shame having thought Vinny was proposing to her

Can Vinny put things right?