Emmerdale spoilers: Drug fuelled Leyla fires a shocked Priya

Leyla’s getting desperate (Pictures: ITV)

In the aftermath of Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) being exposed as the one who gave Holly money to buy the drugs that killed her, problems continue to mount up for Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) on Emmerdale.

With Suzy now no longer working with Leyla and Priya (Fiona Wade), business at Take A Vow is not going well. It all spells huge financial worries for the wedding business, and Leyla is forced to take drastic steps to supplement her income – and her supply of coke. She agrees to store drugs for drug dealer Callum in exchange for cash, but is shocked when he turns up with a much larger bag of drugs than she was expecting.

Amid all of these problems, Leyla isn’t thinking clearly and she makes a rash decision and fires Priya from the business.

Whether this is because Take A Vow can’t afford the extra wages, or because Priya is getting too close to exposing Leyla’s dangerous involvement in drugs, or simply looks at Leyla the wrong way, remains to be seen. But the move is not likely to go down well with Priya and her family.

How long can Leyla keep going as everything falls to pieces around her?