Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Fletcher is BLACKMAILED by her evil ex Alex

Dawn Fletcher reels as her ex Alex demands money in exchange for his agreement for Billy to adopt their son son Lucas.

Airs Tuesday 15 March 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Dawn Fletcher is dragged into a secret nightmare in Tuesday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Dawn Fletcher needs an answer from her ex, Alex, but he’s not replied to her text.

Not about to let him muck anything up for her and her little son Lucas, Dawn heads with new hubby Billy to deal with the matter at Alex’s, face to face.

Knowing Alex is a loose cannon who never plays nice, especially with anything to do with their son Lucas, Dawn’s nervous.

Arriving at his house, Dawn quickly moves the talk to the subject of adoption, asking Alex outright if he’ll agree to let Billy adopt their boy.

Alex is furious – he predicted this would happen. So Dawn’s baffled when he does an about-turn, calms down, and sanctions the idea.

Dawn later learns his agreement comes with a costly catch.

Under the cover of darkness, Alex turns up at Woodbine and gets Dawn to sneak outside to talk to him.

Alex turns up at Woodbine and reveals his agreement to Lucas’ adoption comes with a costly catch.

Dawn reels as Alex tells her he’ll go along with the adoption on one condition – she must pay off his debts in return.

What will Dawn do?

Elsewhere, teenage love continues to be its usually messy mess.

Noah fancies Chloe who’s dumped him and is now all about Jacob. Jacob’s not in the headspace for a romance given that he’s recently found out Leanna’s death was murder.

Amelia fancies Noah. And Samson fancies Amelia. Got all that?


As Cathy throws a party, Noah seizes the opportunity to have another crack at getting Chloe back, trampling on his friends’ feelings as he goes.

Samson bristles as Noah gets him to keep Cathy busy so he can flirt with her mate Amelia hoping Chloe will clock his moves, get jealous and fall back into his arms.

Noah uses Amelia to try to make Chloe jealous.

Of course, the whole thing is an utter disaster and Noah’s humiliated when his grim plan is exposed leaving Amelia crushed and Samson livid.

Noah’s plan is exposed leaving Amelia crushed and Samson livid with his mate.

Back in the adults’ world, Paddy picks up on an awkward vibe.