Emmerdale spoilers: CHEAT! Al Chapman kisses Priya… Will his girlfriend Kerry find out?

Exes Priya and Al end up kissing!

Airs Wednesday 20 April 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Al Chapman can’t resist Priya in Wednesday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

So Al’s gone into partnership with Belle but while his girlfriend Kerry has started to worry that there’s more to their relationship than business, it looks like she’s barking up the wrong tree…

It’s Priya who may well pose a problem.

Listening to Al and Belle get excited about their wellness plans triggers Priya. Noticing his ex’s distress, Al takes her to one side to talk.

Al encourages Priya to open up about what’s upsetting her…

As they get to chatting, Priya tearfully opens up about her body confidence issues which have hounded her since she was burned in the maize maze fire.

As the exes’ conversation unfolds, an emotionally charged moment leads to a kiss!

Will Al’s feisty girlfriend Kerry find out?

… their emotionally-charged convo ends in a kiss! Will Al’s girlfriend Kerry find out he’s been smooching his ex?

Elsewhere, Vanessa’s chuffed when Suzy asks her out for dinner.

The single mum soon realises she’s going to have to cancel when her young son Jonny starts feeling poorly.

But before Vanessa gets the chance to update Suzy, she spills wine on her phone rendering it impossible to get in touch! Nightmare.

Will the faux-pas mean Vanessa’s stuffed up her chances?

Vanessa’s got a date with Suzy…

… but how will Suzy take it when the single mum has to cancel and is unable to call to let her know?

Elsewhere, Dan’s at a loss with his daughter Amelia who’s always on her phone.

The teenager is getting more and more angsty – and more and more obsessed by influencers.

Single dad Dan tries to reach out to his teenage daughter Amelia who’s always on her phone.

Amelia is in full-on teenage mode.

Can Dan find a way to get through to Amelia… or will his efforts make things worse?