Emmerdale spoilers: Chas, Cain and Faith united by moving memories – stolen by Faith

The family grow closer – but at a cost (Pictures: ITV)

There’s a rare moment of togetherness for Chas (Lucy Pargeter), Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Faith (Sally Dexter) in an upcoming Emmerdale episode, as they reminisce about happier times in Cain and Chas’s childhoods. Yes, there were some, apparently.

The trigger for this happy occasion is a box of memorabilia that Faith ‘acquires’ from the home of her stepdaughter. She gets Nate (Jurell Carter) involved in a plan to steal the box, because it’s clear that she’s not welcome at the house where she meets a man called Angus.

When Angus works out who Faith is, he turfs her out of the house. But Faith is determined to get her possessions back and, stealing Nate’s car, returns the next day in disguise, posing as a photographer who’s there to take pictures of the house for an estate agent.

She manages to get the box and quickly leaves the house. Meanwhile Nate and Cain have come to look for her and when Angus recognises Nate as the one who was with Faith the previous day, he realises who the ‘photographer’ was.

As Cain, Chas and their mum get even closer as they share stories and memories while looking through the contents of the box, could their happiness be cut short if Angus decides to involve the police?