Emmerdale spoilers: Can Chloe Harris patch things up with Noah Dingle

Chloe Harris tries to sort things out with Noah Dingle

Airs Thursday 24th February 2022 at 8.00pm on ITV.

Chloe Harris attempts to apologise to Noah Dingle about her recent actions in the second of Thursday’s episodes of Emmerdale (ITV,8.00pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Noah Dingle’s upset and hurt after finding out that Chloe Harris has spent the night with Jacob Gallagher.

Chloe first came on to the scene after Noah’s niece Sarah had a heart transplant. It turned out that Chloe was the sister of the donor, Gemma. When Chloe and Noah started dating, it was met with disapproval by Chloe’s dodgy dad Damon and Noah’s mum Charity, so their relationship never really got off the ground.

Although they are no longer in a relationship, Chloe and Noah have been having fun together in a ‘no strings attached’ kinda way…

Nevertheless, learning that she has slept with someone else has come as a bit of a blow for Noah.

Noah’s gutted about Chloe and Jacob

Jacob regrets his night with Chloe

Meanwhile, Chloe has realised that sleeping with Jacob wasn’t worth the hassle it has caused with Noah because he regrets spending the night with her…

Knowing that she’s hurt Noah, Chloe tries to patch things up with him.

But will the heartbroken teen be in the mood to listen to what she’s got to say?