Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle TERRIFIES his own SON!

When furious Cain Dingle erupts his rage scares Kyle so much he runs away.

Airs Thursday 10th February 2022 at 8.00pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle is going to regret his rage in the second of Thursday’s episodes.

Having found out that his enemy, Al Chapman, has given Kyle a mobile phone, Cain Dingle is beyond angry.

It’s exactly the reaction Al was hoping for when he gave the too-young Dingle lad the handset.

As Cain’s fury takes over, he utterly erupts.

But he’s going to wish he’d taken a bunch of deep breaths and counted to 10 because Kyle clocks his dad flipping out and runs away in terror…

Terrified by his dad Cain Dingle’s anger, Kyle runs away

Will Cain and Moira find the boy before he comes to harm?

At Woodbine, someone’s broken in and viciously trashed Dawn’s wedding dress.

As the horrified single mum surveys the carnage she hears a creak and notices the door is ajar!

Picking up a bat, Dawn creeps outside and prepares to fight…

Will she have a face-off with the intruder?

Over at the salon, having been encouraged by Vinny, Samson gives Amelia a toned-down makeover.

Vinny gives Amelia a toned down makeover.
The teen is thrilled with the look.

It’s a world away from the ton of slap Mandy had used on the teen who’s school prom looms.

It’s a world away from the brassy makeover Mandy Dingle gave her
How will Mandy react when she sees Samson has such skill?

Amelia is thrilled with her new look and Mandy is clearly shocked by what she sees…what will Mandy say about Samson’s evident skills?