Emmerdale spoilers: Billy Fletcher is ATTACKED! But who’s behind the vicious crime?

Billy has been the victim of a racially motivated attack…

Airs Thursday 28 April 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Billy Fletcher has been the victim of a vicious beating in Thursday’s hour-long episode

A horrible attack has taken place landing Billy Fletcher in hospital.

As his wife Dawn and her dad, Will, gather around his bedside they’re shocked to hear Billy’s account of the horrific crime which he claims was racially motivated.

Although Dawn and Will are convinced Billy will see justice served, he’s not so sure.

Will and Dawn are convinced Billy’s attacker will get everything he deserves.

Meanwhile, in the police station, lawyer Ethan’s been called in to represent a guy called Jordan who’s been arrested on suspicion of assault.

Ethan agrees to represent Jordan who’s been arrested on suspicion of assault.

Having accepted the case and interviewed Jordan, Ethan’s aghast when he sees an image of the alleged victim who’s been beaten black and blue. It’s Billy.

When Jordan hears that Ethan knows his alleged victim he tells the lawyer he’s still happy to proceed with his representation

As Ethan declares that he knows the victim and suggests Jordan may want to seek alternative counsel, Jordan insists he’s fine to proceed.

Will Ethan follow Harriet’s advice to withdraw from the case?

Ethan is aghast to learn that Jordan’s alleged victim is Billy.

Elsewhere, Jai’s ordeal continues.

He’s desperate to get Laurel to believe that he hasn’t relapsed and that the drugs found in Take A Vow weren’t his.

Jai manages to convince Laurel that the drugs she found in Take A Vow weren’t his… But the reconciliation doesn’t last long.

To his sheer relief, a calmer Laurel accepts his truth.

But their reconciliation doesn’t last long.

Later, Jai’s dad Rishi drops his son in it when he tells Laurel about a recent close call that saw Jai almost relapse.

Rishi drops his recovering addict son Jai in it with Laurel who’s aghast to hear about a recent near relapse.

As Laurel’s anger boils over, she lays into Jai, furious that she almost put her kids at risk by taking Jai back.

Jai’s in pieces as he realises his happy-ever-after has fallen apart.

Things get even worse as Kim looks set to fire him…

At the HOP, Jai does himself no favours by he kicking off at his boss, accusing her of planting drugs on him.

How will their bitter confrontation end?

And will Jai end up relapsing in the wake of all the heartache?

In the Woolpack, obsessed Noah is chuffed to run in to Chloe.

Noah’s chuffed to see Chloe in the Woolie.

But when she leaves her phone unattended he pockets it!

What the heck is he up to?

When Chloe’s back is turned Noah steals her mobile! What the heck is he up to?