Emmerdale spoilers: Billy and Dawn VANISH on their wedding day!

Billy and Dawn exchange their vows in church

Airs Monday 14th February 2022 at 7.00pm on ITV.

Emmerdale favourites Billy and Dawn finally get hitched in Monday’s episode.

A huge moment arrives for loved-up Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher who are in church in their wedding finery to get hitched!

There’s barely a dry eye in the house after Dawn’s proud dad Will escorts his daughter up the aisle and the emotional couple exchange their vows.

Dawn is bursting with happiness as she prepares to marry Billy

As vicar Charles declares them husband and wife their guests erupt in joy.

After getting covered in confetti as they exit the village church, it’s off to the reception at Home Farm.

The couple exit the church as husband and wife

But as the guests sip on their fizz, time ticks on and there’s no sign of Mr and Mrs Fletcher…

Has serial killer Meena, who’s recently been watching from the shadows, pounced on the pair?

Has Meena pounced on the newlyweds who fail to show at Home Farm for their wedding reception
On-the-run serial killer Meena clocked her enemy Dawn’s ‘save the date’ wedding day post on social media and decided she had to return for the big day

Following his furious blow out which pushed his terrified son Kyle to flee, ashamed Cain is in disgrace.

But as Moira tries to encourage her husband to face up to his mistake and visit Kyle who’s at his mum Amy’s, Cain grabs a bottle of whisky, blocks the door, and returns to his armchair, brooding and boozing.

Moira tries to get through to gloomy Cain who’s in turmoil after the recent incident with his son Kyle
But Cain doesn’t want to hear his wife’s words. After blocking the door, the Dingle hits the bottle

As Cain’s sister Chas becomes embroiled in Cain’s gloom, Moira’s worried that Cain’s in danger of doing serious damage to himself.

Meanwhile, at the Hide, Liv’s freaked out when a bunch of teens ask for a selfie, alleging she’s famous because she was accused of murder.

It’s a horrible moment for Liv who went through the wringer in prison doing time for a heinous crime she didn’t commit.

Liv has a horrible moment at the Hide when she’s asked for a selfie because her link to Ben’s murder has made her famous

Thankfully, a furious Laurel comes to Liv’s rescue and turfs them out!

Laurel defends Liv and turfs out the gang of teens who’ve upset her

Meanwhile, unaware that Liv’s having a nightmare at work, Vinny gets to work on a romantic surprise for his valentine… but will it end in disaster?