Emmerdale Spoiler Videos March 7 2022

Jailed killer Meena Jutla plays an evil game with her sister Manpreet

Airs Monday 7 March 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

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Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla cruelly turns the tables on Manpreet in Monday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Manpreet has agreed to visit her jailed, serial killer sister Meena Jutla on one condition… The serial killer must confess to her long list of crimes!

But when the cagey doc turns up, Meena soon sends her into a rage when she asserts they BOTH have something to confess to!

Though Manpreet has lied to the police about what happened between Liam and Meena when she ‘fell’ from the bridge (when in actual fact Liam pushed her after she gloated about enjoying killing his daughter Leanna), she’s furious at Meena’s gall in suggesting they’re both as bad as each other and slaps her unhinged sibling!

To Manpreet’s surprise, her outburst seems to have an effect on Meena who assures her sister she will confess all… But is Meena telling the truth?

Later, back in the village, Manpreet passes on the news to her vicar boyfriend, Charles. At last they feel they’re getting somewhere with the Meena whose evil deeds have affected most of the villagers.

However, as always, Meena is one step ahead.

At the police station, Meena then tells the detectives it was Manpreet who killed Andrea Tate!

As Meena embellishes her story, framing her innocent sister, she’s convincing and clearly loving every minute in the spotlight.

Will Meena manage to take Manpreet down with her?

As Charity prepares to re-open the new Woolie and show off what she’s done to the place now she’s taken it over from Chas, the bad blood is still sloshing around between the rival cousins.

Charity fumes to see that the pub’s refit is behind schedule and to add insult to injury, Chas takes a job at the B&B where they plan to host an event on the same day as the boozer’s re-opening! Touché!

Elsewhere, as Rhona bobs down on one knee in a bid to propose to Marlon, the moment is ruined when her mum Mary (a new character played by Louise Jameson) pulls outside the vet’s house!

Emmerdale Spoiler Videos March 7 2022