Emmerdale spoiler video: Charity helpless as Sarah leaves

Sarah Sugden (Katie hill) has made her decision to leave Emmerdale – and there seems to be no changing her mind, as Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) soon discovers.

Feeling pushed out due to the focus on criminal Noah (Jack Downham) and his court case, Sarah has felt that she is not an important part of the family.

Charity feels rotten in the wake of Sarah announcing she is leaving and tonight’s episode sees her in dismay as the teen packs her bags.

In a new teaser clip, Sarah has packed her bags and she seems to have an answer for everything – including her claim that she can just transfer to a new college.

As Charity despairs that she has failed, she asks Sarah what she should tell Debbie, but this is not Sarah’s problem as she declares that if her mum cared, she would be here.

Fair point.

Charity hands Sarah some money and it seems like she has resigned herself to the fact that she could be losing Sarah as well as her estranged son Noah.

Actress Emma reveals that Charity has been left ‘mortified’ at forgetting Sarah’s birthday but it’s too late.

But does Charity reckon that this whole experience might make her reflect on her skills as a mum?

Emma pondered: ‘She feels like she’s learned her own lesson, in a way. There’s elements where she feels she’s done the right thing, but she’s thinking maybe she could have got through this with Noah without landing him in the thick of it.

‘There’s a lot to be learned on every level between Charity and Noah. Noah needed a short, sharp shock to make him be accountable for what he’s done and what he needs is sitting down and unravelling the whole escapade, this whole nightmare that he’s got himself embroiled in.

‘I think that’s where Charity does come good because she’s quite good at saying “Right, let’s pick this apart, let’s get down to what caused you to do it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been present in your life enough. Maybe it’s because you’ve just been left to your own devices and felt bored or distracted or whatever.

‘Why are you doing these things and how can we prevent it from happening again?”‘

Emmerdale airs these scenes on Friday June 10 on ITV at 7:30pm.