Emmerdale reveals why Chas Dingle and Al Chapman had secret kiss

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed why Chas Dingle and Al Chapman have shared a secret kiss.

The soap’s double bill on Thursday (June 23) finished off with the illicit moment, where Chas and Al fell into each other’s arms after an emotional conversation.

There has been a lot of tension within the Dingle family because Chas has pressured Faith into continuing cancer treatments even though it’s not what her mum wants.

Chas got upset with Paddy in the pub because she assumed an off-hand comment was a dig about her misleading Kyle over Faith’s condition.

After walking out of the pub, she met up with Al to make peace. The two then decided to hash everything out once and for all.

Al encouraged Chas to “start accepting” the reality of Faith’s diagnosis, as he shared his own experience of how his adopted dad died during an estrangement.

“The point is, no-one could have seen it coming. You have the chance with your mum to talk to her,” he urged Chas.

Chas returned home to promise Faith she would support whatever decision she made about chemo, with Faith telling her it’s much easier knowing she won’t let her daughter down.

After clashing with Paddy over whether hospice might be an option, Chas then opened up to Al about how she’d always clashed with her mum because of Faith’s wild ways.

“She can do what she wants now. I’m here for it,” Chas insisted.

Chas then admitted she always wished she had more of Faith’s impulsive nature, with Al flattering her that she’s fine the way she is.

She initially thought better and tried to leave, but Al pulled her close to ask: “Please don’t go.”

Chas then stepped out of sight from the rest of the village to have a passionate kiss with Al! Viewers know that it won’t be long before the truth about this shocking kiss is discovered by someone close to Chas.

Will Chas’s infidelity have consequences for the entire Dingle clan?

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