Emmerdale reveals Noah Dingle’s fate in Chloe stalking plot
Things don’t look good for Noah.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale’s Noah Dingle has been sentenced to three months in prison after pleading guilty to stalking Chloe Harris.

In recent weeks Noah has been struggling to forgive his mum Charity after she reported him to the police and handed over crucial evidence that proved he’d been stalking Chloe.

Tonight’s episode (June 7) opened with Noah and Belle preparing for court at Wishing Well, where Belle assured Noah she would be there for him no matter what after Noah said he didn’t want anyone to attend the hearing.

Noah was grateful for Belle’s support despite his irritable mood but, much to Belle’s disappointment, he refused to get his stuff from Charity’s and asked Belle to get his bag for him instead, claiming he no longer had a mum.

Meanwhile, Charity was determined to put on a brave face ahead of Noah’s sentencing but she was later left devastated when she saw her son leaving the village with Belle and looking so lost and alone.

Outside of the Village Hall, Amelia wished Noah well in court but he was too distracted to engage in conversation.

In the courtroom, Noah waited nervously for the session to begin while his mum and Belle watched from above, though Charity was heartbroken to see Noah’s reaction to her arrival and regretted her decision to attend the hearing.

While Noah’s friends and family anxiously awaited the court’s verdict, the judge told Noah that, while he had showed great remorse for his actions, he had invaded Chloe’s privacy and caused lasting psychological effects.

The judge then delivered the verdict and revealed that Noah had been sentenced to three months in prison.

Charity screamed from the balcony in disbelief as the sentence was read out, while Noah cried to his mum for help as he was taken away.

The episode ended with Charity crying and apologising to her son, while Noah was then taken to his jail cell in tears.

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