Emmerdale reveals mysterious aftermath of Faith and Cain’s big row

Why is Faith behaving so strangely?

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed the aftermath of Faith and Cain Dingle’s big row, showing that Faith will continue to behave very strangely.

Last night’s episode (May 5) saw Faith’s attempt to make amends with Cain completely backfire thanks to a drunken indiscretion.

Faith hatched a plan to get close to her son by bringing his son Kyle to the allotment to exercise his gardening passion.

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The day seemed to be going well at first, with Kyle happily put his gardening skills to use and helping Dan Spencer, Cain’s employee, who had found himself in over his head with the job.

And seeing his son so happy also seemed to be softening up Cain towards his mother.

However, things would soon take a turn when Faith brought Dan to the pub, saying she owed him a drink. It wasn’t long before the pair were inebriated and found themselves back at the allotment with the purpose of fixing Kyle’s tulips.

But Faith was so drunk she ended up rolling around in the tulips before leading Dan to the shed where the pair were caught by Cain, who had been returning with Kyle to pick up his son’s tools.

Cain found not only Kyle’s patch demolished, but also discovered a disheveled Dan exiting the shed.

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Cain told his mother: “You should be ashamed of yourself”, while she tried unsuccessfully to convince him that what he had seen had been “innocent”.

To add insult to injury, Faith was later told by her mortified daughter Chas that Dan is her ex-husband.

Next week, Faith will be trying to make things up with Cain after what happened with Dan. But her attempt to make amends just unleashes a torrent of abuse from him, and even Chas tells her to get lost.

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Then, after being in a rush and the bus not showing, Faith frustratedly picks a fight in the street with Amelia and offends her.

On a roll, self-destructive Faith makes her day a whole lot worse when she flips out and grabs one of Amelia’s dumbbell weights and lobs it through the window of Dan’s door, while Moira watches on, appalled.

How will Faith be able to make amends now? And why is she behaving so strangely?

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