Emmerdale’s Leyla Harding has shock outburst at Priya Sharma in drugs story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Leyla Harding has angrily hit out at Priya Sharma in upsetting Emmerdale scenes.

Viewers know that Leyla has been hiding from her loved ones that she has started using cocaine — only Suzy Merton knows the truth about her friend’s addiction.

While Suzy encouraged her mate to give up cocaine, Leyla has continued secretly using the drug even behind Suzy’s back in recent episodes.

Leyla was struggling getting ready for a work presentation, turning nasty towards Bernice at the salon when she demanded her to be quiet in front of clients.

Priya broke the news that their meeting had been cancelled, leaving Leyla in the lurch to get things back on track at the last possible moment.

Leyla headed off to meet Suzy, but was caught red-handed searching through her purse for cocaine. Suzy insisted she was done with doing drugs, leaving Leyla all the more frustrated before their big meeting.

When their clients walked out after making bizarre demands for their reception, Leyla took out her frustration on Priya because she’d asked a journalist to leave the salon.

“She kept asking me about Meena and the fire, and it caught me off guard,” a tearful Priya explained.

Leyla angrily lashed out, telling Priya: “You had to be the victim! Well, guess what, no-one cares this time.”

Priya angrily stormed off, warning Leyla not to ever ask for her help again. Leyla fumed as well as the episode concluded.

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