Emmerdale’s Leyla Cavanagh confronted over harsh outburst

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale’s Leyla Cavanagh is confronted over her harsh treatment of Priya Kotecha tonight (June 2).

Leyla left Priya devastated last night as she cruelly berated her for pulling out of a press interview to promote Take A Vow.

Priya struggled to cope with intrusive questions over Meena Jutla and the maize maze fire. She also felt insecure over her scars when she was asked to pose for pictures.

Despite this, Leyla showed no understanding over the situation and angrily confronted Priya for messing up the media opportunity. Leyla’s out-of-character behaviour was influenced by her growing dependence on drugs.

In Thursday night’s episode, Priya confides in her brother Jai Sharma about what happened.

Priya admits that she’s still upset with her friend, but she urges Jai not to get involved by confronting Leyla.

Although Jai agrees, he clearly has other ideas as he later tackles Leyla over her actions.

Jai can tell that Leyla isn’t acting like her usual self and he tries his best to sympathise with her.

The conversation takes a turn as Jai coincidentally confides in Leyla about his drug addiction, unaware that Leyla is going through a similar experience herself.

Jai’s words appear to resonate with Leyla, but will she find a way to turn the situation to her own advantage?

Roxy Shahidi, who plays Leyla, recently explained: “Leyla is someone who, in the past, will have used drugs recreationally. The idea is that she’s thrown herself into her work as a way of escaping the painful situation with Liam’s grief for Leanna.

“Work was the only place Leyla felt normal. She collaborated with Suzy a few times.

“Suzy plans events. From time to time, Suzy would provide and use coke on the party scene. That’s something Leyla has done ad hoc, and then with more and more frequency.”

Emmerdale airs at the earlier time of 7pm this week on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.