Emmerdale hints at new romance story for Laurel Thomas
Is it time to move on?

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas vows to look for love again next week.

The popular villager recently became single again when her relationship with Jai Sharma ended for good.

New spoilers have now revealed that Laurel will look to the future as she considers fully moving on from Jai.

In a chat with her stepdaughter Gabby Thomas and local policewoman Harriet Finch, Laurel explains that she’s ready for a new relationship.

Laurel even surprises herself with the revelation, but it appears to mark a turning point for her.

Later in the week, thoughts of romance lead Laurel to reminisce over the past.

Laurel feels emotional as she reflects on her marriage to Ashley, who passed away in 2017 when his vascular dementia story came to an end.

Viewers saw Laurel end her relationship with Jai in April after drugs were found next to his missing wallet at Take A Vow.

The drugs belonged to Leyla Cavanagh, but when Jai protested his innocence, Laurel refused to believe that he hadn’t relapsed with his addiction.

Chris Bisson, who plays Jai, said at the time: “I think Jai feels disappointed in Laurel because she has her own problems with being a recovering alcoholic.

“I don’t know if it’s because Laurel wasn’t 100% behind getting back together in the first place, but it seems quite harsh that she’s not more understanding. I think he sees a different side to her.

“There have been times when Laurel’s halo has slipped slightly. She hasn’t been as kind or as understanding as usual. There have been a couple of scenes where Laurel’s not very nice to Jai at all.

“I can’t see Jai getting back together with Laurel, given that he pled his innocence and he was absolutely adamant but she wouldn’t believe him. I don’t see how they get back from there.”

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