Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle embroils Moira in new lie

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Faith Dingle has embroiled Moira in a new lie about her cancer battle in Emmerdale.

The last few weeks have seen Faith struggling to come to grips with news that her cancer has returned, especially since she is refusing to tell Chas or Cain about her diagnosis.

Instead, Faith has asked Moira to be her confidant even though Moira has repeatedly encouraged her to be honest with her children.

In Tuesday’s episode (May 31), Chas continued to suspect Moira was hiding something — possibly even that she’s resumed her affair with Nate.

Chas burst into Moira’s room to find her in a state of undress, although not with Nate as she suspected. Faith was in the room with Moira, forcing them to come up with an excuse.

Moira stood by fuming as Faith decided to make up another lie that Moira has been having early-onset symptoms of menopause and needed someone to comfort her.

While Moira was steaming at Chas invading her privacy and Faith making up an unnecessary lie, she felt she had little choice but to agree.

Later, Faith walked in on Chas telling Paddy what she’d seen, leading Faith to urge them both to keep quiet. She also scoffed at the suggestion she’d “lie” in this circumstance as she stifled a worrying cough.

Previously, Sally Dexter hinted that this latest incident is unlikely to make Faith reconsider her decision to hide the truth from her children.

“At the moment, I think Faith is very relieved that people don’t know the truth, because she thinks it will change how they are with her,” the actress said.

“Faith wants to live her life for as long and vibrantly as she can, but she’s lonely. There’s a comfort in keeping yourself to yourself, but there’s a loneliness to it as well.”

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