Emmerdale boss explains why they are running Al and Chas’ affair storyline

The illicit affair has divided fans (Picture: ITV)

It’s an affair that has caused a stir among Emmerdale fans – Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) are currently causing outrage with their secret affair.

The pair had previously danced around an attraction but, since they gave in to their passions, viewers have certainly been vocal about what it will do to Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton).

The soap affair is a staple of the genre and perhaps the reason is often to bring out passionate reactions from invested viewers.

And show boss Kate Brooks has told us that the dramatic ramifications of such storylines is the ultimate soap pay-off.

When asked by Insertions.us about the inspiration behind Chas and Al’s story, she explained: ‘Soaps are naturally inclined to do affair storylines as they give you danger, they give you passion, they give you excitement, they give you broken hearts.

‘So when we were looking at who to play out the next big affair storyline with, it just felt right that it was going to be Chas with Al, given all their history and Al was very much firmly against the Dingles.’

And the Dingles are absolutely going to be against Al when they find out what he and Chas have been up to.

The storyline looks set to reach an explosive crescendo for the 50th anniversary episodes in October.

And there’s a lot more to come besides.

‘The main thing we wanted to do with our anniversary was to celebrate as many of our characters as possible so, on the build up to the anniversary, you will see all of our characters involved in storylines,’ producer Jane Hudson told us.

‘There’s the Amelia storyline, which brings together the Dingles and the Spencers. We have Faith’s storyline which doesn’t just affect her immediate family but her friends as well.

‘And we have Chas’ affair with Al going on – all affairs must be exposed at some point and if that happens, what will that do to Kerry?

‘So, the ripple effects of the stories will all play out across the 50th.’