9 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

What’s next in the village?

Next week on Emmerdale, Dawn faces a new nightmare after a touching proposal from Billy.

Elsewhere, Manpreet’s ordeal over Meena continues, while Noah’s behaviour upsets Amelia.

Here’s a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

1. Billy has a proposal for Dawn

Billy looks to the future by telling Dawn that he’d like to adopt her son Lucas. Dawn is delighted that he’s so committed to their family, but she knows that asking Lucas’s father Alex for permission won’t be easy.

Hoping things will go better than expected, Dawn texts Alex to discuss the situation.

2. Dawn is shocked by Alex’s ultimatum

Alex is angry when he finds out about Billy and Dawn’s plans, but he later appears to accept the proposal.

Unfortunately, Alex soon shows his true colours when he speaks to Dawn in private. He insists that he’ll only give his permission if Dawn agrees to deal drugs for him, helping him to pay off his debts.

3. Dawn is caught out by Kim

Dawn chooses not to confide in Harriet and Billy, who are both excited about the big change ahead for their family.

Dawn takes a drastic step by attempting to steal from Home Farm to pay off Alex’s debts, but her plans go wrong when she’s caught in the act by Kim.

4. Dawn faces possible police trouble

Dawn reluctantly accompanies Alex on a dangerous task. It turns out to be even riskier than she’d anticipated, as she meets Alex’s dealer.

Suddenly, a police car arrives and Dawn is guided into the back of it. Has she made a terrible mistake?

5. Meena reveals her pleas

Meena’s long-awaited plea hearing finally arrives, but she’s disappointed when she spots that hardly anyone from the village has turned up.

With Manpreet, Charles, Liam and Leyla in the public gallery, Meena tries her best to unsettle the small audience she has attracted.

Meena surprises everyone when she pleads guilty to the first of her charges, but what will her other pleas be?

6. Manpreet disappears

As Manpreet realises that she may have to testify against Meena in court, she starts to feel overwhelmed.

Manpreet rushes off in her car but ends up abandoning the vehicle, leaving her phone behind too. Before long, the villagers are worried about Manpreet’s whereabouts.

7. Amelia is left upset by Noah

Noah starts flirting with Amelia, but it’s all a ploy to make Chloe jealous. His efforts backfire when Chloe turns her attentions to Jacob.

During a party hosted by Cathy, manipulative Noah continues to use Amelia as part of his scheming. Amelia is distressed when the truth about his behaviour comes to light.

When Amelia confides in her loved ones about what happened, Kerry can’t resist confronting Noah.

8. Marlon plans to propose

Rhona is frustrated when she realises that she has unwittingly convinced her mum Mary to stay longer in the village.

After a conversation with Mary, romantic Marlon starts making plans to propose to Rhona soon.

9. Ethan and Marcus grow closer

Ethan and Marcus continue to enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

On a date, Ethan and Marcus get to know more about each other – could it be the start of something special?