8 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

What’s next in the village?

Next week on Emmerdale, Meena comes up with a shocking new way to cause trouble for Manpreet.

Elsewhere, Chas and Charity clash bitterly as they become business rivals, while Mandy is left devastated as Vinny’s secret is revealed.

Here’s a full collection of eight big moments coming up.

1. Chas and Charity become rivals

Tensions run high when it’s revealed that The Woolpack’s re-opening will clash with a rival event at the B&B. Chas has accepted a job at the B&B, so is now in direct competition with Charity.

Mandy and Chas decide to hold Vinny and Liv’s engagement party at the B&B, hoping to annoy Charity as it’ll directly clash with her big re-launch. Charity gets upset when she finds out that her loved ones all seem to be against her.

2. Mandy makes a shocking discovery

Liv and Vinny’s marriage certificate arrives in the mail, but Samson and Noah get their hands on it first due to a postal mix-up. Noah stirs up trouble by showing the envelope to Mandy, who’s upset to realise that Liv and Vinny are already married.

Mandy demands an explanation from Vinny over why she was cut out of his wedding. She makes it clear that she sees this as a total betrayal of their relationship.

3. Liv and Vinny try to make amends

Liv and Vinny feel terrible for upsetting Mandy. Chas suggests that they could make Mandy feel included by transforming their fake engagement party into a real wedding reception – and having Mandy as the guest of honour.

Liv and Vinny go ahead and invite Mandy, but it’s unclear whether she’ll accept.

4. The village tensions get out of hand

On the big day, Mackenzie and Pollard both try to sabotage each other’s rival events. A rat infestation causes trouble at the B&B, while Charity fears that the Woolpack’s re-opening will be a damp squib when hardly anyone turns up.

As Chas and Charity go head-to-head in an argument, someone turns on the sprinkler system to cover them in water. The situation descends into a full-blown food fight, which threatens to ruin Liv and Vinny’s wedding celebration.

5. Meena gives a new ultimatum

Manpreet agrees to visit Meena in prison, on the condition that her sly sister will finally confess to her full list of crimes. However, when Manpreet arrives, Meena insists that they’ll both need to admit to their wrongdoing.

Meena wants Manpreet to come clean to the police about how she lied to protect Liam over what happened on the bridge. Manpreet is furious over Meena’s audacity and slaps her.

6. Meena tells a shocking new lie

Meena promises Manpreet that she’s ready to make her confession, but the reality is very different.

When Meena visits the police station, she lies that Manpreet was the one who killed Andrea. She seems utterly convincing as she spins this false version of events.

The following day, Manpreet has to be brought in for questioning over Meena’s latest lies. She’s left in despair, wondering whether she’ll ever escape the shadow cast by her sister’s actions.

7. Rhona’s proposal is interrupted by her mum

Rhona gets down on one knee to propose to Marlon, but her romantic plan is interrupted.

Rhona is stunned to come face-to-face with her mother Mary, who has paid a visit to the village.

8. Liam makes a worrying discovery

Liam and Wendy are both concerned when they find abusive comments on the GP practice’s website.

Will they find out who is responsible?