13 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

What’s next in the village?

Next week on Emmerdale, Marlon and his family face a difficult time after he returns home.

Elsewhere, Jai may live to regret opposing Kim, while Ethan’s career decisions look set to affect his personal relationships in the village.

Here’s a full collection of 13 big moments coming up.

1. Marlon is discharged from hospital

Marlon prepares to return home for the first time since his stroke. April arranges some ‘welcome home’ decorations for her father, while Mary promises to support Rhona through Marlon’s ongoing recovery.

The Dingles are pleased to see Marlon back in the village, but there are some early challenges as Marlon settles in.

2. April gets upset

April tries to help her dad have some water while they’re spending time together. When Marlon starts choking, April fears that he’s having another stroke and shouts out for Rhona.

Although Marlon is fine, the upsetting incident leaves him and April distraught.

Later, Marlon starts to regret his return home. After seeing his family struggle with the pressures of caring for him, he considers returning to the hospital. As April approaches her dad for an emotional heart-to-heart, she hopes to convince him to stay.

3. Rhona has an idea

Rhona makes a brief return to the vets to help Dawn with an injured dog.

Later, Marlon worries that his family’s finances will struggle when Charity breaks the news that he’ll have to go onto statutory sick pay.

Rhona suggests that it might be a good idea for her to return to work on a part-time basis to help keep them afloat.

4. Jai makes a surprising decision

Kim blames Jai when she sees that the HOP staff have gone on strike to protest against her plans for zero-hour contracts. Jai is stunned as Kim demotes him until he has found a way to resolve the situation.

When the picket line starts to put off customers, Kim increases the pressure on Jai to get the staff back to work. However, Jai makes a big decision of his own and Kim is stunned.

5. Kim is left with a grudge against Jai

With the HOP staff still refusing to work, Kim feels humiliated when a wealthy friend visits and she’s forced to take on waitressing duties herself.

Kim is forced to enter a meeting with Jai and Laurel, who provide a case study which argues against zero-hour contracts.

Later, Jai is delighted when Laurel reveals that she wants to reunite properly after seeing how well he has handled the strike situation.

Things seem to be looking up for Jai, but Kim is still seething over his lack of support and could be planning her revenge.

6. Jai suffers a devastating new setback

Jai searches for his wallet with help from Laurel after it goes missing. They find it, but discover a small bag of drugs right next to it.

Laurel and Priya accuse Jai of buying the drugs, but he seems confused over where they came from and struggles to come up with an explanation.

As Laurel turns against Jai once again, he accuses Kim of setting him up.

7. Jai’s week goes from bad to worse

Laurel considers accepting Jai’s version of events over the drugs. However, she soon changes her mind again when Rishi mentions that the kids nearly caught Jai with drugs when he almost relapsed a few weeks ago.

As Laurel despairs over the close call, Jai realises that he may have lost everything.

Jai and Laurel’s tensions spill over into their working day at The HOP, so Kim responds to their unprofessional behaviour by threatening their jobs.

8. Ethan takes on a controversial case

Ethan is called to the police station to represent Jordan, a man who has been arrested on suspicion of assault. He agrees to take on the case, but when he sees a CCTV image of the victim, he realises that it’s Billy.

Ethan mentions to Jordan that he knows Billy, but they’re not friends so there’s no conflict of interest. He gives Jordan the option to seek alternate legal representation, but his new client chooses to stick with him.

9. Billy is supported by his family

At the hospital, Billy has nasty injuries. He confides in Dawn and Will about how the attack was racially motivated.

Dawn and Will both express their belief that justice will be served, but Billy isn’t so sure.

10. Ethan receives advice from Harriet

When Harriet sees Ethan at the police station, she encourages him to withdraw from Jordan’s case.

Harriet reminds Ethan that the case will make life difficult for him in the village, but will he decide to put his career first?

11. Noah makes a suspicious move

Noah continues to put on a ‘nice guy’ act as he speaks to Chloe at the pub.

As soon as Chloe is distracted, Noah takes the opportunity to steal her phone and put a new plan into action.

12. Amelia reacts badly to Kerry’s teasing

Amelia has posted several photos online, but Kerry jokingly points out the many filters that she has used.

Kerry’s teasing doesn’t go down well with Amelia, but is there something more worrying at the root of this?

13. Cain and Faith are brought closer

Cain rarely has much time for his mum Faith, but as Moira’s birthday arrives, that could be about to change.

Cain and Faith share a rare moment of fun together on the special day, but only time will tell whether it marks a permanent shift for their relationship.