11 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

What’s next in the village?

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Next week on Emmerdale, Nicola is brutally attacked.

Elsewhere, Mary confides in Rhona about her past, while Cain discovers the truth about Faith’s illness.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

  1. Nicola is attacked

Laurel arranges to go out with Nicola and Bernice, hoping to get the sisters back on better terms after their recent rivalry over local council matters.

When Nicola heads off early, she’s confronted by a group of teenage girls in a car park. The gang viciously mug and attack her, leaving her bloodied and motionless on the ground.

  1. Jimmy seeks answers over the attack

At the hospital, Nicola regains consciousness and finds Jimmy, Laurel and Bernice by her side.

They all want answers over what happened, but when Jimmy questions Nicola, she claims that she can’t remember. Privately, Nicola feels embarrassed to have been attacked by teenage girls.

  1. The truth about Nicola’s ordeal is revealed

Gabby is horrified when she comes across a video of Nicola’s attack. Nicola is still too embarrassed to speak to Jimmy about it, but she does provide some details in a conversation with local policewoman Harriet.

Nicola confides in Harriet about how she fears her attackers could target her again, as they stole her driving licence and therefore have her address. She also worries that they could attack her children.

Later, as Nicola recalls how she thought she was going to die in the traumatic moment, Jimmy sees that his wife has a long journey ahead to recover from this terrible incident.

  1. Mary opens up over her sexuality

Mary continues to strike up a friendship with Kim, who quizzes her for details on her past.

One question from Kim clearly stirs up some painful emotions, as Mary becomes evasive. However, she eventually answers honestly by revealing that she’s a lesbian and recounting a story about a lost love.

Kim encourages Mary to be honest with Rhona, who doesn’t know the truth about her sexuality yet.

  1. Rhona’s attitude disappoints Mary

Mary takes Kim’s advice and tells Rhona that she’s a lesbian. She explains that she fell in love with her neighbour Louise, who recently died.

Rhona struggles to process the news and isn’t as understanding as Mary had hoped. As Rhona questions whether her whole family was based on a lie, Mary is hurt by her reaction.

Later, things get worse when Rhona thoughtlessly announces her mum’s sexuality to a room full of people without permission.

  1. Rhona looks to the future

Marlon’s recovery continues and he hits another milestone by taking his first step with a walking frame.

Rhona tries to look ahead to their planned wedding and proposes again, but how will Marlon respond?

  1. Faith tells Cain the truth

As Faith’s birthday gets closer, she asks Chas to organise a celebration for her. She hopes this can be her opportunity to make peace with Cain.

Moira schemes to get Cain to the gathering at The Woolpack, but Cain is furious when he realises that he has been tricked into attending Faith’s birthday.

As another row kicks off, Cain says that his wish for Faith’s birthday is that she’d drop dead. Faith replies that her cancer is back and it’s incurable. Will Cain show any remorse for his horrible comment?

  1. Will and Kim struggle

Will has been keeping secrets from Kim, which now threatens their relationship after she caught him red-handed with money he’d stolen from the haulage firm.

The couple are not on good terms, but can Will find a way to make amends?

  1. Mary gets closer to Bear

Mary seems to be making another friend as she has a heart-to-heart with Bear.

The pair bond as Mary shares details of her life and sexuality.

  1. Cathy feels rejected again

Cathy is excited when Samson suggests they should attend a schoolmate’s party again.

Unfortunately, her good mood doesn’t last for long when Samson makes it clear that it’ll only be as friends.

  1. Laurel could look for love

Laurel is single again after her recent split from Jai.

As she spends time with her family and friends, Laurel surprises herself by revealing that she’s ready for a new relationship.

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