10 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

What’s next in the village?

In next week’s Emmerdale episodes, Marlon suffers a stroke and rifts in the Dingle family heal as they worry about him.

Meanwhile, Jai tries to fight for his relationship with Laurel but she won’t forgive him.

Here’s a full collection of 10 big moments coming up.

  1. Marlon has a stroke

In a moment of pure joy, Marlon and Rhona both propose to each other at the same time, but their happiness is short lived.

Marlon rushes off to find the ring he has left in Smithy, but as he searches, his vision becomes blurred.

Marlon collapses to the ground and he struggles to cling onto consciousness.

Disorientated, Marlon battles to remember the FAST acronym (Face, Arms, Speech, Time), realising he’s suffering from a stroke.

  1. April calls an ambulance

Worried Marlon has been missing for a long time, April rushes to see what’s keeping him.

With his consciousness fading, Marlon struggles to recognise April as she runs to help him and calls for an ambulance.

3. Marlon goes into surgery

In the hospital, Rhona is emotional as Marlon’s prepared for surgery. Confused and scared, Marlon tries to beg Rhona to stay with him but he’s unable to speak.

Rhona flees from the room to break down alone and hide her fear from Marlon.

Later, as she anxiously waits for him to come round after surgery, Rhona wonders if this moment will change their lives forever…

4. Charity is urged to make amends

In light of Marlon’s health news, the Dingles come together in their worry over him. Sam and Lydia encourage Charity to make things up with Chas before it’s too late.

Later, Charity is offered more reassurance from Vanessa, who gives her hope for Marlon’s recovery when talking about her own survival from cancer.

5. Chas and Charity come to a truce

After speaking to Charity, Lydia also has tough love for Chas and tells her to be the bigger person and forgive her cousin. Taking Lydia’s words to heart, Chas sucks up her resentment and joins the family in The Woolpack.

The pub is struggling without Marlon and Chas helps out Charity behind the bar. Before long the two of them become the dream team once more and find their rhythm again.

They have a heart to heart and soon Charity begs Chas to move back into the pub. Will Chas agree to go back to how things were?

6. Jai supports Laurel

Seeing how much the news about Marlon’s health has rocked Laurel, Jai’s quick to step in and offer his support.

Jai babysits the kids and it makes him realise just how much he misses the family they had together, increasing his desperation to reunite with Laurel.

7. Laurel refuses to forgive Jai

When Arthur starts asking more questions about the break-up, Laurel lies to him to protect his relationship with Jai.

But when Jai expresses his hopes of reuniting, Laurel grows frustrated that he thinks he can fix things so easily and throws him out of the house.

Jai’s devastated at the extent of Laurel’s pain and later when Arthur gets the wrong end of the stick, suggesting Laurel cheating is the reason for their split, Jai has the decency to set him straight.

8. Jai is humiliated by Kim

Jai’s bad week doesn’t end there. Thrown out and rejected by Laurel, Jai has to face up to Kim at work.

She leaves him mortified and degraded when she gives him the job of waiting tables at the Hide.

9. Liam worries he’ll never get justice

After some soul searching, worried about what Meena has planned next, Manpreet makes a surprise decision not to testify in court.

As Ethan breaks the news, Liam’s mood falls quickly as it dawns on him that without Manpreet’s testimony, he may never get the justice for Leanna that they deserve. The atmosphere between them grows frosty.

10. Sparks fly for Ethan and Marcus

It wasn’t the easiest start for Ethan and Marcus, but determined to explore their chemistry, the pair have another lunch date. As conversation flows, the sparks fly between them.

Later, as things hot up on their date, Ethan and Marcus sneak into the HOP office and end up in a passionate kiss.