Massive EastEnders episode to bring back Peggy, Ronnie, Roxy, Grant and Archie

A special flashback episode will detail the Mitchell’s chequered past (Picture: BBC)

Peggy Mitchell will take centre stage in a special flashback EastEnders episode later this year, with actress Jaime Winstone playing the role of the legendary landlady.

Jaime, who previously played Dame Barbara Windsor in biopic Babs, will lead the cast of this very special outing of the BBC One soap, which aims to explore the Mitchell’s chequered past.

Various characters from the EastEnders history books will also feature, including Peggy’s husband Eric, Billy’s older brother Charlie, as well as Stephen – Billy and Charlie’s father.

Present day Phil (Steve McFadden) will grapple with the growing pressure of DCI Keeble (Alison Newman), who he’s promised he would turn informant, which will be the hook used to transport audiences back in time, where clues to his present will be revealed.

In 1979, the Mitchells are hit by a Britain in economic turmoil. Peggy has her hands full between keeping the boys, Sam and the household in line, all the while the cracks in her marriage begin to show.

Phil and Eric are vying for the title of man of the house as the tension between them grow. Archie, meanwhile, is up to his usual tricks as Glenda does her best to keep the lively Ronnie and Roxy out of trouble.

Eric will be played by George Russo, while Charlie Hepinstall will take on the role of Charlie. Dean Roberts will play Stephen.

Daniel Delaney will take on the iconic part of Phil Mitchell, while Teddy Jay will star as Grant, Henry Garrett as Archie, Rose Reynolds as Glenda and George Greenland as Billy.

‘It’s been such an honour to step into Peggy Mitchell’s shoes for the first time, and into Barbara’s shoes for the second time,’ said actress Jaime Winstone. ‘There’s certainly a healthy amount of pressure when you’re taking on such an iconic role – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘Playing this role has really cemented my love and admiration for Barbara as I got to bookend my journey by playing Peggy Mitchell – I hope I’ve done her justice and I’ve loved every minute of it, I can’t wait for everyone to see the episode.’

Chris Clenshaw, EastEnders’ Executive Producer, said: ‘We’re delighted to be welcoming an incredible cast of actors to set for this special flashback episode, including the luminous Jaime Winstone as a young Peggy Mitchell.

‘Focused on the Mitchell family, audiences will embark on a rollercoaster journey to the East End of London in 1979 where they’ll delve into the family’s past, seeing much-loved and iconic characters, as well as meeting characters from the show’s history that have never been seen on screen before.

‘There are twists, turns and secrets revealed – after all, trouble is never too far away where The Mitchells are concerned!’

EastEnders airs Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.