EastEnders’ Whitney Dean suffers new setback in bid to catch out Gray Atkins

Her police intervention didn’t go as planned.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Whitney Dean has suffered a new setback in her bid to catch out Gray Atkins in EastEnders.

Out of fear for Chelsea’s physical and mental health earlier this week, Whitney changed her and Kheerat’s tactics by going to police with murder allegations against Gray.

Whitney explained everything about Chantelle’s posts on the domestic violence forum before her death. While DCI Arthurs called the posts “circumstantial”, he did agree to do a wellness check for Chelsea’s sake.

DCI Arthurs confronted Gray outside the Argee Bhajee to insist they have a catch-up, but the sinister killer managed to sway him by claiming Chelsea was withdrawn because Jordan had been sick.

Over the course of the conversation, Gray subtly turned the suspicion back on Whitney by revealing she’d made a scene at their wedding.

Whitney was later horrified to see Gray parting amicably with the detective, who criticised Whit for not telling him about baby Jordan’s health.

“I’ve got no evidence, nothing I take to CPS,” Arthurs angrily insisted. “They haven’t had a single report of shouting coming from that house. You’ve been so worried about Chelsea for weeks, why are you only coming forward now?”

The detective turned the tables on Whitney, revealing Gray had told him about her objection at the wedding. When he insisted Chelsea hadn’t raised any concerns, Whitney pointed out that neither did Chantelle.

“Why don’t you ever just believe women?” Whitney asked.

The detective then warned Whitney to “stop this obsession”, or she’d find herself in “serious trouble”. As the duff-duffs started, Whitney was left alone grappling with another setback.

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