EastEnders’ Tommy Moon to make shock confession to Phil Mitchell

How will Phil react?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Tommy Moon is set to make a shock confession to Phil Mitchell next week, as he opens up about what’s been happening to him at school.

The youngster hasn’t been having an easy time of it of late, having finally learned the truth about Phil’s run-in with the law, and concerning himself with the fact that if the latter gets carted off to prison, he won’t have the promise of a back-up against his playground bullies.

In scenes scheduled to air on Friday, February 18, Phil (Steve McFadden) insists on helping out around the house, which prompts Kat to grumpily tell him that she doesn’t need him to do anything for her or her family.

At the cab office, Kat (Jessie Wallace) flirts with Henry and gives him her number in front of Phil, presumably to make him jealous.

When Tommy (Sonny Kendall) appears and voices that he’s unwell, Phil offers to take him home.

On the journey, the littlun tells Phil that he’s being picked on at school, all because he stuck up for his half-sister Scarlett, which leads Phil to assuring Tommy that he’ll come and collect him from now on. Not only will that limit the time Tommy has to spend with the other kids, but he also jokes that the mere sight of him will likely scare them off anyway.

Later on in the episode, Phil overhears Henry openly mocking Kat, and threatens him. But how will Kat respond to Phil meddling in her business?

EastEnders is scheduled to air these scenes on Friday, February 18 on BBC One.

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