EastEnders’ Suki Panesar to give Honey Mitchell a dark warning over Stacey feud

Tensions are reaching boiling point.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Suki Panesar is set to give Honey Mitchell a dark warning as Suki’s feud with Stacey Slater continues on EastEnders.

Stacey recently suffered a big setback amid her growing romance with Suki’s son, Kheerat, which was previously halted due to Stacey’s prison sentence.

Now back on Albert Square, Stacey has started her new business venture – a food van called Stacey’s Baps – though things took a very unfortunate turn last week when one of her items gave Kheerat food poisoning.

Suki made matters worse when she revealed what had happened to her son in front of customers to try and put them off Stacey’s van.

In new scenes set to air next week, Stacey feels low when she sees Kheerat and Whitney Dean talking, and Eve Unwin tries to help her build bridges with Suki.

However, the plan goes badly as Stacey and Suki fire insults at one another. Honey intervenes, though Suki warns her that if she doesn’t sort Stacey’s food van hygiene, she will register an official complaint.

Honey is later shocked when she sees Eve and Stacey parked right in front of the Minute Mart, leaving Suki very angry as she warns Honey that she will get her fired over it.

Suki approaches Honey as she pleads for the van to be moved, and while Honey tries to play fair, the group continue to try and outwit one another.

Can a resolution to the feud ever be found?

EastEnders is set to air these scenes on Monday, February 21 and Tuesday, February 22 on BBC One.

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