EastEnders star Tony Clay reacts to shock new Ben and Callum twist

“He’s simply heartbroken.”

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Tony Clay has reacted to the latest twist for Ben and Callum in tonight’s episode (May 12).

The popular pair have hit the rocks this week, as Ben’s dark secret was finally exposed.

Callum was horrified to learn that his husband Ben (Max Bowden) was the culprit responsible for a series of recent attacks in the area. To make matters worse, Ben had also beaten up his nephew Peter, in a case of mistaken identity.

After a huge bust-up with Callum, Ben unburdened himself during a heart to heart with Lewis, who had a very different approach to his actions.

As Ben acknowledged Lewis as someone who understood him – in a way that Callum perhaps didn’t – they shared a brief kiss. Crucially, Ben did come to his senses and pull away, but it was too late as a devastated Callum had already seen everything.

Speaking to Insertions.us about his character’s reaction to Ben’s betrayal, Tony – who plays Callum – said: “He’s heartbroken, simply heartbroken. He can’t believe it. They are not even that long into the marriage and Ben has cheated already. After all that they’ve been through, Callum feels like Ben has gone and broken a sacred vow as it were, in his mind.

“Again, he’s simply not understanding why Ben is doing this when they’ve got everything on their doorstep. They have got the flat, they can raise Lexi, they can have a good life. But Ben just has to go and self destruct. Why is that? I think it’s something that Callum really struggles to forgive.”

On whether #Ballum can come back from this, Tony added: “You know every marriage has its problems and every marriage has its ups and downs.

“In Callum’s mind, it’s about whether it’s something that he can forgive and whether it is something that they can move past, especially at this stage, so early on in the marriage. To be honest, it probably is. But as things unravel, he starts to wonder whether it is something that he can put up with.”

Next week’s episodes will explore the fallout of Ben’s mistakes, as Callum struggles to move forward from what’s happened.

EastEnders continues on Monday, May 16 at 7.30pm on BBC One.