EastEnders star Milly Zero reveals dark twist after Dotty’s shock collapse

“Maybe she could go down the same route as her parents.”

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders’ Dotty Cotton is going to be found unconscious next week, following her recent struggles with drinking heavily after that Christmas Day bombshell.

Speaking exclusively to Insertions.us, actress Milly Zero has explained just how bad Dotty’s headspace is right now, and teases that things could get even darker for her, linking it back to her family history.

“She doesn’t care about herself,” Zero told us. “She doesn’t care about her life right now.

“She’s just trying to destroy everything, because she thinks everything’s broken anyway. I think it’s really sad, especially as we saw, you know, Nick’s problems with addiction and we’ve seen her mum’s problems with addiction. Dotty has always vowed to herself, ‘I will never be that. That will never be me.’ But then we start to see a little essence of: ‘Oh my God, maybe she could go down the same route as her parents?’

“That does happen in real life, sadly. So I think that’s quite an important issue to raise awareness of – like, the child of an addict, and what happens in some cases. I think that could be an interesting road for her to go down, for sure.

“Being a young girl, in the streets of the East End at night, paralytic – it’s not safe. The fact that she’s there, and she doesn’t care what happens, is quite sad to see. But we do see that some of the friends that she does have in the Square come to help her, which is nice.

“It’s lucky that she does have those people there. She doesn’t feel valued in the world. She feels that no one’s there for her, and that’s a very lonely place to be.”

The star stated that she could follow in the footsteps of Nick and develop a substance addiction, stating that “as an actor, I would feel really honoured to explore that topic” if they went down that route. Either way, she teases that “there’s a long road to go” with this storyline for Dotty.

Hopefully the people closest to Dotty will be able to see what a dark place she is in and be able to support her, but will she let them?

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