EastEnders Spoilers: Zoe leaves Kat gutted with devastating rejection

Kat’s hopes have been dashed by her estranged daughter (Picture: BBC)

Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) faced rejection from her estranged daughter Zoe (Michelle Ryan) in tonight’s EastEnders.

Over the double episode, viewers saw Lily make the revelation that she had contacted Kat’s oldest child on her behalf.

Stacey was quick to explain why this decision would likely upset Kat, due to their tumultuous relationship over the years.

Stacey was proven right to be concerned when Kat snapped at Lily, branding her a ‘cow’.

Despite her initial anger at the situation, Kat agreed to wait for Zoe in Peggy’s as Lily had arranged. However, she was left disappointed when she didn’t show up.

Kat hasn’t seen Zoe since she left the square in 2005. When they arrived in 2000, Zoe believed Kat to be her older sister until it was revealed that she was her mother in a dramatic showdown.

Will this be the last attempt the Slaters make to contact Zoe, or will she follow in the footsteps of other returning characters?

Iconic EastEnder Big Mo and Little Mo’s son Freddie are set to return, while Kat’s old flame and ‘man in the moon’ Alfie is also scheduled to arrive soon.

Can we expect anymore big Slater names to return, and will Zoe be one of them?