EastEnders spoilers: Will Ben Mitchell be arrested?

Ben Mitchell goes to check on the guy he beat up.

Airs at 7:30 pm on Monday 18 April 2022 on BBC One.

Ben Mitchell is worried that he’ll be caught for the attack in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Ben Mitchell is in a bit of a fix after leaving the guy who verbally abused him and bar manager Lewis in a very bad way. The police are investigating his assault and Ben’s worried the evidence could lead back to him.

He visits Steve in the hospital but when he sees Steve’s mum, he lies that he’s a ‘friend’ of Steve’s. Ben then finds Sharon Watts, who discovered him carrying out the assault, and asks her to be his alibi.

Jack Branning and Callum Highway interview Steve’s mum and she reveals that a friend of her son’s paid her a visit. The coppers are suspicious and they say that they’ll check the CCTV to see if they can identify a suspect.

Will Ben get caught?

Jean Slater worries granddaughter Lily Slater at the engagement party.

Jean Slater is still in a manic state as she plans her engagement party to Harvey Monroe.

She arranges for a lavish bash at Ruby’s nightclub but she’s freaking out her granddaughter Lily Slater.

When Lily asks mum Stacey Slater if grandma Jean is okay, Stacey doesn’t want to worry her. She reassures her daughter that everything is fine.

Meanwhile, Harvey Monroe is on his way to his engagement party when he’s intercepted by nasty piece of work Neil Hughes.

He comes straight up to Harvey and hands him a burner phone to smuggle to son Aaron Monroe in prison.

Dotty Cotton tries to talk Bernie Taylor into giving up the strike.

Bernie Taylor is determined not to give up on fighting for worker’s rights at the Panesars’ call centre!

Much to Vinny Panesar and Dotty Cotton’s surprise, she leads the employees on yet another walkout over the dodgy contracts.

Vinny has done his best to make sure his mum Suki Panesar doesn’t find out but she eventually gets wind of what’s going on.

Knowing that Vinny needs to get rid of the problem asap, Dotty has another word with Bernie but she’s not going to be pushed around!