EastEnders spoilers: What is Sam Mitchell REALLY up to?

Sam Mitchell has words with a worried Sharon Watts.

Airs at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 20 April 2022 on BBC One.

Sam Mitchell is on a mission in Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sam Mitchell has upset the apple cart in the Mitchell family after her nephew Ben Mitchell finds out why she’s REALLY back the Square. Sam’s not so sure about her secret mission and worries she’s not up to the task…

Meanwhile, Sharon Watts is concerned that having Sam around is going to bring trouble and she enlists Kat Slater’s help to sort things out. Billy Mitchell is surprised when Sam later tells him that she’s leaving the Square tonight.

There’s heartbreak for Sam’s son with Jack Branning, Ricky, as he reels from the news that his long absent mum is back in his life. When they bump into each other at Walford East the moment is awkward.

Upset for Ricky and worried for Jack, Denise Fox warns Sam not to cause problems. But it seems that Denise’s warning is about to have the opposite effect when Sam comes up with a new plan and confronts Jack…

Mitch Baker takes Harvey Monroe to see Aaron Monroe in prison.

Harvey Monroe is on pins about going to see his son Aaron Monroe in prison. He’s had several threatening interactions with far right thug Neil Hughes and he’s in a dilemma over what to do.

Neil gave Harvey a sinister warning, telling him to sneak a burner phone to Aaron. But the last thing Harvey wants is for Aaron to strengthen his involvement with the gang.

Mitch Baker takes his friend to the prison to visit Aaron but what will Harvey do?

Meanwhile, Jean Slater is in a giddy mood as she goes wedding dress shopping with Shirley Carter. Things soon take a rather alarming turn and Shirley is worried by Jean’s behaviour.

Chelsea Atkins makes a confession to Whitney Dean.

Chelsea Atkins is still staying with Denise Fox and Jack Branning and Jack’s getting fed up, wanting to have his home back without additional guests!

Patrick Trueman senses that there’s something really bothering Chelsea and she’s not being straight about why she doesn’t want to go home.

Later, all becomes clear when Chelsea confesses to Whitney Dean that she can’t live in her killer hubby’s house, there are too many ghosts of the victims he killed there.

Also, Stuart Highway is having trouble putting on a brave face as he struggles with his post-surgery pain.