EastEnders spoilers: Violence erupts as Jay and Honey finally split for good

It’s over for Honey and Jay (Pictures: BBC)

Tonight’s EastEnders saw Billy (Perry Fenwick) lose his temper in the Queen Vic as he took at swing at Jay (Jamie Borthwick).

In defence of ex-wife Honey (Emma Barton), Billy lashed out at him for allegedly seeing Lola (Daniella Harold) behind his partner’s back.

Jay’s ‘cheating’ was first revealed to Honey by Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha), who claimed to have seen him cosying up to Lola the previous evening.

Honey later confronted him, asking him outright if he had been cheating. However, before he could get his answer out, Billy swept in and punched him, in front of the whole pub.

In the second half of tonight’s episodes, Honey decided to call an end to their relationship, despite Jay insisting that it had all been a misunderstanding. She admitted that she wasn’t in fact angry or upset, but relieved.

The revelation had made her realise that actually the pair want different things and aren’t suited to each other.

Later, Billy once again got the wrong end of the stick when Honey revealed the break up. However, he was soon to offer some unsolicited advice once she explained the situation.

It appears that that’s the end for Jay and Honey, but is there any chance he can win her back?