EastEnders Spoilers Videos Monday 7 March 2022

Airs at the new regular time of 7:30 pm on Monday 7 March 2022 on BBC1.

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Gray Atkins faces a grilling in the police station about Tina Carter’s murder in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Gray Atkins and Chelsea Atkins prepare to bring their premature son Jordan Atkins home from hospital now that he’s well enough to be cared for at home. But Gray is distracted by an ominous request from DCI Arthurs, asking to talk to him about Tina Carter…

After heading down the station, lawyer Gray gives a DNA sample but he demands to know why he’s there, insisting he had nothing to do with Tina’s death. When he realises the police have absolutely nothing on him, he refuses to answer any more questions and heads home.

Meanwhile, Nancy Carter and Frankie Lewis have seen Gray leaving with the police and they mention it to Mick Carter and Shirley Carter. Desperate to find out who killed Tina, they storm over to Gray’s house and demand to know what’s going on.

Putting on a show for Mick and Shirley, Gray claims he’s heartbroken to learn Tina has died. They seem convinced but when they let slip some extra info about Tina’s case, Gray realises that he may be caught out yet. Gray plans his escape…

Whitney Dean and Sonia Fowler are stunned when Janine Butcher tells them about Tina’s body being found. They are devastated but it gets Whitney thinking. She finds Mick and Shirley and tells them that she thinks Gray killed Tina.

Suki Panesar is on edge with her son Kheerat Panesar still on the run for nearly killing Gray Atkins! What she’s most worried about is her meeting withrelative Ranveer, without Kheerat to smooth things over.

After trying to postpone the meeting, Suki is frustrated when it seems it’s still on. Son Vinny Panesar promises Suki that he’ll be able to help her out instead if only she’ll let him. Not trusting Vinny to do the right thing, Suki is hesitant but Dotty Cotton encourages her to take a chance on him.

When Vinny is there with her to meet Ranveer, however, things soon start going south as Ranveer’s not impressed and wants to speak to Kheerat.

Just when it seems all is lost, Kheerat suddenly appears!

Bailey Baker is determined not to give up on dad Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor as she’s sure that they are the perfect match, even if they don’t! In a bid to put them in a romantic mood, Bailey plans to recreate the former couple’s first date.

Enlisting brother Keegan Baker’s help, Bailey is pleased when the plan comes together. But will it finally encourage Mitch and Karen to reunite?

Also, Rocky Cotton tells the Carter family that he’ll give them some space following the devastating news that Tina Carter’s body was found. He approaches Harvey Monroe, telling him that he needs somewhere new to stay.

EastEnders Spoilers Videos Monday 7 March 2022