EastEnders spoilers: Vi Highway vows to help her grandson!

Vi Highway pays grandson Stuart Highway a visit.

Airs at 7:30 pm on Thursday 31 March 2022 on BBC One.

VI Highway is in shock when she discovers what’s going on with Stuart Highway in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Vi Highway makes a surprise return to Albert Square after hearing about the birth of her great grandson.

Meanwhile, Rainie Highway and Stuart Highway are waiting for surrogate Bernie Taylor to tell them whether she’s going to hand over the baby.

Stuart meets up with his new ‘friend’, Warren, who’s been peddling expensive herbal supplements to him claiming it will help his cancer.

Warren continues to extol the virtues of the holistic approach, while attempting to put off Stuart from having medical treatment.

Vi confronts Stuart wanting to see the baby but she’s confused when a miserable Stuart tells her that she might not be able to.

The stress of everything is getting to Rainie, who stares at a bottle of vodka, sorely tempted to take a drink. Fortunately, Vi walks in just at that moment and Rainie gets herself together.

She explains to Vi that Stuart has holding out on getting treatment for cancer. Vi’s not having any of it and she vows to sort her troubled grandson out!

Mick Carter struggles to cope with Tina’s funeral plans.

Mick Carter and Shirley Carter meet up with Jay Mitchell to talk about the funeral plans for the murdered Tina Carter.

But their sombre chat is interrupted by the arrival of Janine Butcher, much to Shirley Carter’s irritation!

Mick is struggling with the funeral planning and trying to write a fitting eulogy for his auntie. Mick asks Janine if she can help him out with the funeral plans.

Chelsea Atkins tells Whitney Dean her latest troubles.

Chelsea Atkins is alarmed when she discovers a worrying letter about her imprisoned killer hubby Gray Atkins. She explains to a sympathetic Whitney Dean what’s going on.

Whitney suggests that Chelsea could do with some legal advice and she suggests Eve Unwin might prove useful.

Realising that Chelsea’s having a hard time of things she offers to move in with her to help her out.