EastEnders spoilers: Tommy Moon’s football hopes are destroyed!

Tommy Moon's hopes of a football career are ruined.

Airs at 7:30pm on Wednesday May 4 2022 on BBC One.

Tommy Moon’s chances at becoming a footballer are ruined in Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

A nosey Sam Mitchell interrupts Kat Slater and Tommy Moon’s meeting with the football coach, Collin.

Martin Fowler supports Kat when she confides in him about Tommy and she opens a letter about Tommy’s police case.

Janine Butcher tells Sonia Fowler and Scarlett Moon that if she gets custody of her, they will be moving to Australia.

Sonia tells Tommy Moon the news and unintentionally upsets him, but he puts on a brave face and his mind reverts back to becoming a footballer.

At The Queen Vic, Sam overhears Martin talking to Nancy Carter and Zack Hudson about the knife incident. Noticing that the coach is nearby, Sam goes out of her way to make sure that he hears the conversation and decides to loudly join in their chat.

The coach tells Kat that they can’t have Tommy on the team and she’s left devastated. She confronts Sam thinking that she was the culprit, but after finding out the truth, she is furious with Martin, Zack and Nancy for destroying Tommy’s opportunity.

Janine prepares for her date with Mick.

Janine tells Mick that she doesn’t want his support at the hearing tomorrow and Frankie Lewis soon picks up on the tension between the couple.

She advises Mick to be more romantic and he decides to take Janine on a date. But as Janine gets ready for the date, she discovers that her clothes have shrunk in the wash and comes up with an idea…

The idea doesn’t go to plan and while on their date at Walford East, Mick makes a big confession.

Rainie pleads Mitch to help her with baby Roland.

Bernie Taylor is upset when she finds out that Mitch Baker is planning to babysit Roland, and after a chat with Dotty Cotton she asks him not to.

Mitch accepts her plea, but when he tells Rainie Highway, she begs him to help her and to keep it a secret. A reluctant Mitch agrees, but will Bernie discover what he’s up to?