EastEnders spoilers: Tommy Moon makes a desperate move!

Tommy Moon does a runner from a furious Billy Mitchell!

Airs at 7:30 pm on Monday 14 March 2022 on BBC1.

Tommy Moon is caught between the bullies and Billy Mitchell in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Tommy Moon is feeling under pressure from mum Kat Slater, who is still angry over the money that went missing. Wanting to get her off his back, as well as have enough to manage the demands from the bullies, he considers stealing Billy Mitchell’s cash box from his market stall.

However, the bullies have got in first and he finds one of them trying to take Billy’s money. When he confronts the lads a scuffle ensues. Billy spots what’s going on and assumes that Tommy was trying to take his cash box. Billy furiously accuses Tommy of being a thief and a terrified Tommy does a runner!

Things get even worse for poor Tommy when his escape sees him running straight into the bullies, who threaten him. Meanwhile, Tommy’s teacher Isaac Baptiste has noticed that Tommy has not been himself.

Isaac has a word with Kat to say he’s worried about Tommy. But their conversation is interrupted by Billy, who tells Kat that Tommy tried to steal his money. Kat is at her wits’ end with her son and she vents to Eve Unwin and Stacey Slater.

Is Tommy in even more trouble and will he take desperate measures to get himself out of the situation?

Ben Mitchell has a message for Kat Slater.

Ben Mitchell gets a visit from a fuming Lola Pearce, who reminds him that he’s still not paid up for this month’s maintenance money for their daughter Lexi.

Feeling guilty for letting his responsibilities slip, he promises to sort her out as soon as possible.

Later, Ben heads out to see Kat to tell her that there’s a package on its way for his dad Phil Mitchell. He insists that she take the mysterious package and stash it somewhere safe.

Realising that it’s something dodgy, Kat tries to refuse but Ben insists that Phil’s business is her problem now.

Keegan Baker is determined to help his family

Keegan Baker does his best to support mum Karen Taylor and dad Mitch Baker in the wake of the shocking revelations about brother-in-law Gray Atkins.

But he’s left feeling unsettled when Vinny Panesar makes a big deal about the fact that Kheerat Panesar tried to help Keegan’s murdered sister Chantelle Atkins escape her violent hubby.

Keegan worries that he didn’t do enough to protect Chantelle. Later, he reminds Mitch and Karen that it’s his nephew Mack Atkins’ birthday tomorrow and he suggests they put on a celebration for him.